Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I went and saw Puffy

I'll blog about serious stuff soon, I promise. Still really would like to comment on why Microsoft would probably be concerned about Firefox.

The Puffy AmiYumi concert was really fun! :D I owe Joyce much for pictures because I forgot to bring my camera. Hehe. It was kind of funny seeing all these cameras blatantly flashing throughout the concert when a guy went down the lineup before the concert started to specifically tell everyone that cameras weren't allowed inside. Hehe.

The opening act was great. Got to meet the lead singer and lead guitarist from Quietdrive. I really like their sound and will have to look into getting their CD when it gets released this summer. I loved their rendition of Time After Time too. It was fresh. And they're THE opening act for the ENTIRE Puffy tour! How insanely cool is that?? Makes me wish I had stuck with my bass guitar.

So Puffy sang a Green Day song too, which was fun. Their keyboardist was way cool, as were their guitarists. The keyboardist especially, he was a great soloist. And one of the guitarists wearing a Canadian flag and dancing around near the end was classic. Heh. I um... bought two more Puffy CDs. Why was a CD costing less than a t-shirt? Chee... And I had to borrow cash from Ehobah to get them because the place couldn't take plastic.

Me and Dammon went up close to the stage when Puffy came onstage. Ouch! My ears only now stopped ringing (two nights later!)! Next time I'm at a concert, I shall definitely bring earplugs. And those poor people in the audience who couldn't understand Ami and Yumi when they did some Japanese diaologue onstage during breaks. It was hilarious. :)

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