Monday, March 07, 2005

Tears of Joy, Screams of Pain

I cried again.

A friend of mine who probably had one of the most significant effects on my entire life decided to start up again. And it brings me tears of joy.

On another note, I would like to apologize for the cute.pif worm that was sent out from my computer. I can't believe how stupid I was to open it. Dom needs to take his share of the blame too, for opening it first. ;) If you received the worm from me and opened it, you should try running some spyware scanner or something. I all of a sudden went from 0 spyware to over 200 counts.

I have to say that I'm impressed though. Whoever made that thing was pretty creative. Ingenious. Innovative. It's horrible that I'm expressing admiration for someone who created a worm. But I'd liken it to expressing awe at Daniel Ocean's mind-blowing execution of a casino robbery. Things that you'd never want to condone, but impress you nevertheless.

I've never seen anything like this worm before. And so I was caught flatfooted while my jaw dropped as I watched this worm do its thing on my screen. Sending mass MSN messages, opening up my Hotmail account and mass e-mailing, even going through Firefox to do stuff! Then I realized what was happening and screamed in pain.

Over 200 counts of spyware. Chee....

EDIT: OK, that did it. I never needed an antivirus solution for such a long time. I practiced safe computing. This one mistake forced me to download AntiVir again. AntiVir's a free virus scanner, if you're using it for personal use. Get it at, I've found it to be excellent and on par with anything you would get from Symantec, McAfee, or other well-known antivirus companies. The stupid worm left a Trojan Horse on my PC that left me wide open to security attacks. And I got to see the worm do its thing again. Grr....

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  1. And you claim that I was being too protective with all the security softwares :)