Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sure enough...

Well, did I call it or what? On March 17, 2005 at 8:51 AM, someone found this site by searching for the words "digimon porn" on MSN Search. The culprit uses Road Runner High Speed and lives in the EST time zone, meaning that it was 11:51 AM their time when they came to my site. They were using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.0. Amazing. It really happened. Wow.

Other search strings that have directed people to my site in the last few days:
"arrogant attitudes"
"koreans Crazy"
"tamaki nami mp3s"
"how to do parabolas"
" sex" (seriously people, I have no clue!)
"really cute pif"
"Tamaki Nami- realize mp3"
"dirty butts" (ok....)
"puffy amiyumi mp3"
"puffy ami yumi lyrics"
"filipino porn"
"msn Really cute.pif"
"xxx eyes wide shut"
"japanese school dropout rate"
"what's a vertex of parabola"
"facts movie to kill a mockingbird"
"Amazing Facts on To Kill a Mockingbird"
"Peter Twist HSBC"
"porn girls do it"
"Harry Stonecipher educational background"

Those are your search strings all the way back to March 13. Why on earth are all these xxx search strings coming to my site??? When do I ever write about anything smutty??? Well, the digimon porn one I can understand, having used the statement once. ;) And there'll probably be more. Heh.

But seriously. Digimon porn? @@ I will never understand this society.


  1. lol, makes you wonder really. But how did you find all that out?

  2. My hit counter. Sitemeter lets you see all sorts of cool stuff about your visitors.

  3. If you keep commenting on it, and adding more and more references to thigns of the XXX nature, then you can keep getting more hits, and then you can keep getting more and more amazed, and before you know it you will have started some kind of ministry for porn addicts.

    Perhaps you should post more info concerning your new and upcoming target demographic?


  4. Andrew, you read my mind. ;)