Thursday, March 10, 2005

Searching for My Blog

Wow, so after my education post, two people came to my blog by searching on MSN Search for the following:

"how do you graph parabolas?"
"why college students dropout"

The second hit came from someone at Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. I think that's kinda cool.

Other search strings that have brought people to my blog in the past:

"where to buy telephone poles" (Huh???)
"super mario brothers 3 secrets" (This one happens a lot for some reason...)
"statistics on canadians over weight" (I can't remember writng about this...)
"Markstrat cheat" (This one happened WAY too much...)
"women in Burnaby that want to have sex" (I really don't know how this one happened...)
"PakG1" (Whoah... people search for me :D)
"Nami Tamaki Realize lyrics" (Who DOESN'T want to know them? ;)
"Puffy Ami Yumi" (See above!)

Aren't search engines wonderful? At least nobody's coming to my site to look for Digimon porn. Oh crap. Now they will.


  1. hehe.. its cool that randoms go to ur site... ;)
    at least ur site is like searchable! :)