Sunday, March 27, 2005

Innovation tossed to the wayside

I'm writing the longest paper of my life right now, so I don't have much time to blog these days. :) My topic is blogs (surprise, surprise), and how they can and currently are changing the way organizations handle stakeholder relationships and interests, both positive and negative effects. It's really quite an interesting topic, and I'm tempted to even post my final product online. I wonder if there are academic issues with that; I'd hate to promote plagiarism for one thing, and I can't remember if the paper would actually be my product or the university's product.

But while I'm busy writing, you can read about ignored innovations. CNET has compiled a nice list of missed opportunities. I've wanted to write a long blog post on creativity and innovation for a while. I'll get to it after these papers are all handed in. Perhaps it can be integrated into my leadership thesis.

But I've noticed one thing. The diversity of my news sources has really narrowed down in the last few months. I read mostly CNET these days. Whatever happened to wanting diversified sources of media and opinions? I should set up an RSS feed for myself after finals to make it easier to aggregate the stuff.

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  1. hey bobby i ripped a great blogging article out of the "National Post Business" magazine insert for April 2005 -- it's 6 pages long check it out. *sigh* now i'm second guessing whether this is a good Honours topic or not -- is it too mainstream to talk about, or too trivial? i've gotten the OK from my faculty but now that there's a bit of popular literature on it i'm not so sure i want to proceed with it.