Friday, February 11, 2005

Wanderlust for the future

Ability to travel.

I used to have three things I wanted to do after grad, and I had to choose one of them. Now I have four things. Ernst & Young has a job posting for their Technology & Risk Services Division. Wow. I believe I will apply. And one of the job requirements: Ability to travel. That is cool. I'd like to travel. Heck, they might even convince me to get a CA. I'm leaning towards a CMA right now for some time in the long-term future.

I remember when another CA firm (that is, other than Ernst & Young) brought me in to interview me for the exact same job last year (except it was for co-op, not full-time). Now, I got slaughtered in the three-stage interview process. Of course they rejected me. But I ended up getting the database marketing co-op with TELUS, so all's well that ends well?

But now I get another chance at this job, except with Ernst & Young. :D And on the list of four things that I want to do, I can't decide whether this should rank #1, 2, or 3. But I shall definitely be applying. This is a song inspired by some crazy singing Lea and I did during our first Markstrat competition. :D Stupid Markstrat, always placing second. :p Good times.
IT Boy
Adapted from Sk8er Boi, by Avril Lavigne
Mutilated by PakG1

He was a boy, they were a firm
Can I make it anymore obvious?

He was a kid, they were some pros
Where did his mind go?

He wanted them, they'd never tell
Secretly they thought he couldn't spell

And all of HR just shook their heads
They thought he was on el cheapo meds

He was an IT boy, they said see ya later boy
He wasn't good enough for them
They had a nice package, but wouldn't offer him it
Their minds were stuck in a murky pit

Five years from now, they're at a ball
Talking with friends and colleagues all

They turn their heads, watch how they see
IT boy giving the keynote speech

They call up HR, they already know
And too late they're trying to get him now
They sit very still, eyes open wide
Listening and wanting to just cry

He was an IT boy, they said see ya later boy
He wasn't good enough for them
Now he's a CEO, calling the shots aloud
Showin' HR he's worth a stint

Sorry firm, but you missed out
Well tough luck, that boy's gone now
He has now taken the lead
Your competitor, you see

Too bad that you could not see
See the man that boy could be
There is more than meets the eye
Others saw the soul inside

He's just a boy, they're just a firm
Can I make it anymore obvious?

He is employed, not just a grunt
Yeah, he's having so much fun

They got the IT boy, and said see ya later boy
Be meeting you tomorrow
We've got the article
For the National Post
How that firm can't spot talent cold

Wahaha. No, I don't believe life will be like that, but it's an interesting concept. And life as a CEO isn't fun, so I don't believe I shall go that route. And law school is still in the running, until everyone rejects me. ;)

The summer will also have some travel here and there, yes indeed. And I still need to submit my application for going on a project with MSI.

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  1. Whoah, so you wanted to do law school and CMA? Could you ever get anymore academic? :)

    Nice IT Boy song!