Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mark Jen Firing Confirmed, Looking for Partners

It is true.

Check out his blog for his various comments.

I concur with his statement:
"I think blogging is the next big thing on the Internet...Corporations should embrace this technology just like the ones before it. Companies that are confident in their offerings should let employees spread the word. In today's age of information overload, blogging is quickly emerging as the fastest and most cost-effective method of marketing."
Man, I am so on this, and I want to start an idea now. My views on blogs and corporate ethics are huge to me. Are there any communication majors out there (*cough* lmk *cough*) who want to start up a consulting practice with me to help companies with this issue? Let me know! I am dead serious.

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  1. hmm you have piqued my interest.. i'm most certainly intrigued!actually let me email you something this weekend; we could possibly get an article published on this topic to really get our foot in the door. p.s. i didn't mean the adam smith comment as a personal attack, so please don't be offended. :-)