Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Eating Wild Rice

Ever since I saw the ads for Wild Rice on the side of a BC Translink bus, I've wanted to hit up this restaurant for dinner. Given that I finally get to meet John for the first time in ages, it'd be great to go there, but we must apparently go to a chicken place; it would be sacrilege if we didn't. But he claims that the chicken is spicy, so I'm game. :) So who wishes to go to Wild Rice with me? I was reminded about the restaurant by reading waiterblog via lmk here. Look at that interior! Is that stylish or what?? It just oozes class! What a cool site, waiterblog is.

Vis-a-vis the facts:
The most important thing I learned from the book addressed the topic of why women talk so much. To them talking is a form of bonding and maintaining relationships. So men, when a woman is talking to you, she's not looking for you to solve her problems, she just wants you to listen and take her side on whatever matter she's talking about. Innately men are trained to do one task at a time; to spot and hit a moving target; to be still and quiet less they startle their intended prey. They are also problem solvers and so if you ask them something, they'll inevitably think you're asking them to solve a problem.
Well, that would explain a lot about my various interactions with the opposite gender over the past year. Perhaps I shall read that book.

I noticed that Estey got a job. Congrats. You are no longer an unemployed chemical engineer. I haven't posted lately at the HCW forums, but I'll be back soon. Been busy, you know. :)

I also noticed that my leadership series still needs its first real post. Hey, at least I posted something.... Now that's showing leadership through initiative! Hehe, please note that the thesis has not died.

Hmm, so I finally went to Andrew's theosite again. Just Two Guys are fulfilling my request. They promised this back on January 11... and there's been nothing! Way to show initiative guys! My, my, look at the pot calling the kettle black here. I first talked about writing my leadership series on December 19!

Um, hehehe.

Writing the LSAT again on Feb. 12. This time, I'm actually studying. Also am on the SFU team for CaseIT. If we get beat by UBC again, I will scream. Let's see UBC beat us in Winnipeg, beat Koji in Enterprize, and may earn my eternal spite by rejecting my law school application. And CaseIT is organized by SFU. Zeph's words: "Assemble a good team. UBC's going to try to win it." Bleh. Well, we have a team. :) And KRT has plans. :D

Is my blog turning into a diary again? Perish the thought!

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