Saturday, February 26, 2005

A day in my life

So I walk into my 381 lecture yesterday morning and lo and behold: students! The room was jam packed full and there were still five minutes to go before class started! Why is it that a third of them are gone when we don't have midterms? And then they all come early to take the midterm. So is the keener the one who comes every day to class or the one who arrives 20 minutes early to find a good spot to sit? Probably the one who does both.

So I'm trying to find a seat in which I can sit without having to step on the feet of too many people. I spot one in the middle of the lecture hall and make my way towards it. Excuse me. Pardon me. Why don't you sit more in the middle if you're going to come so early, you freaks? Sorry, pardon me.

Oh, so close, almost home free! The seat is right in front of me! Only one girl in between me and rest from my weary travels! As I took my final step, I don't know what I hit. But it was something. Maybe her leg? My feet go flying, my arms are flailing, and I fall towards my beloved seat... and crash into the girl on the other side. Hi, um, nice to meet you. Did I bruise you? Um, sorry about pushing into your legs like that.... It really was an accident. Oh yeah, you, the girl behind me, sorry for tripping on you....

If I were someone else, I would have thought I was trying to pick someone up. I am lucky my bag's zipper was closed, yes?

This morning, I saw a girl late for class. She was running in high heels. Poor girl. Looked like she was going to die, it seemed so uncomfortable. Why do girls do this to themselves? Sure, I guess running in high heels will give your calves one heck of a workout.... The only time I've ever seen it done successfully was in Batman and Robin. Alicia Silverstone managed, but she had a lot of training. That was a horrible movie, by the way.


  1. harharharharharharharghaharharharharh
    thats rather romantic lol
    *imagines bobbie falling on top of a hot firl in class*
    you're lucky she didn't kick you in defense.
    thats wat i would do.


  3. what's with you and your recent clumsiness eh?

  4. Okay. I know this must've been mortifying for you, but I can't help being amused by this. =D!