Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another day in my life

I went to Blackcomb today. As I was taking the Skytrain to Pacific Central Station to get on the Greyhound bus, I got to see a sunrise for the first time. It totally was not what I imagined a sunrise would be like. The sun was a shiny metallic red. At first, I couldn't tell at all what this thin sliver of shiny red metal was. Then it started rising and became part of a big circle. It was amazing. It was one of those I-need-a-girl-with-me moments.

So what do I do when I get to the Greyhound station? I look for a girl. OK, I didn't. What really happened is... well.... Do you have any idea how disconcerting it is to walk out of a toilet stall and see a girl doing her hair in front of a mirror? I suppose it's not that disturbing if you're a girl. But I'm not a girl. So of course it hit me like a bolt of lightning: I was in the ladies washroom. Oh crap.... What are you supposed to do? "Uh, so, what's your sign?"

I walked out quickly and noticed that the mens washroom was closed for repairs. So I could use that as my excuse if anyone asked me why I was walking out of the ladies room. But while lining up to get on the bus, I noticed that this same girl was getting on the same bus. Oh crap. Did she see me get on the bus? Does she think she's riding the same bus as some pervert stalker?

So she was Japanese. Well, she looked extremely Japanese anyway, so I would put my money on it. And she looked like part of the international student crowd. I have a question. How come out of all the Asian female students here to study English, I've only see the Japanese ones go skiing or snowboarding? For the men, I see all types of Asians, but for the women, it's only Japanese (well, and some Koreans). Do Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, and all other non-Japanese Asian female international students not ski? Or do I somehow uncannily run into only the Japanese students and somehow manage to avoid all others? I guess snowriding is bigger in Japan and Korea than other parts of Asia....

So I'm finally on the mountain and going down a run. There's a relatively tight turn and I don't slow down enough. Whoops. I go flying off the edge and land on a boulder below me, spraining my ankle in the process. I think I finally learned today just how well-made skis can be. My skis did the right thing and detached from my boots instantly. Furthermore, there was only one scratch on them from the crash. Wow. I would have expected a lot worst. And I'm lucky that boulder was there, or else I would have gone for a long tumble, probably losing my skis in the process. But my butt hit something really hard and now my right cheek is in immense pain whenever I try to sit down on a hard surface. I noticed that during lunch.

So I go down to the lodge to rest the ankle a bit and eat lunch. Lo and behold, Japanese students. They had brought a bunch of onigiri and were eating them for lunch. It looked delicious, and I sat there looking at my comparatively pathetic peanut butter and banana sandwich. But I did have some california rolls with me. :)

Upon deciding that my ankle can handle more skiing, I decide to go again. Those ski boots are really good for giving you ankle support and making sure you don't break anything down there. I have no idea what would have happened if I had been in a similar scenario with running shoes. Mind you, how I would get into that kind of situation with running shoes in the first place is difficult to conceive, but let's think hypothetically. Certainly, the probability of an ankle break would be much higher; I would at least end up with a much more severe sprain without such an ankle brace.

I ended up going to 7th Heaven. It was gorgeous. Breathtaking. Another one of those I-need-a-girl-with-me moments. I could do 7th Heaven over and over again for an entire day and not get sick of it. Beautiful.

And so I came home. What a painful walk to the Skytrain station. Lessons of the day?

1. Always think about why a public bathroom might not have urinals if urinals are not there.
2. Just because you can ski on a gimped ankle, it doesn't mean you can walk on it.
3. Appreciate your ski equipment. They're well-made.
4. Bring good food and you won't think about food. Or you could buy.


  1. Sounds like an interesting trip! :) Just be glad that you have places like Whistler/Blackcomb to go to. The nearest skiing place near Waterloo is "Chicopee" ski hill which is (I'm not kidding) a garbage heap with little dirt thrown over that's being advertised as a ski hill during the winter. You can come down the entire thing in couple of minutes even if you're just a beginner... I think the bunny slopes at Whistler was slightly bigger than the entire slopes here. :p

  2. Nicely done on the female washroom part :)

    For a big guy like you to go in there and got away without any troubles, that's amazing!

  3. hehee.. sunrises and sunsets are nice..
    they are also one of those i-need-a-boy-with-me moments too.. hahaha :D
    i miss snowboarding!!!

  4. Oh NOW I know the full reason of why you were limping in 488 last night. :P

    I can think of some answers to your Filipino international girls non-skiing/snowboarding interest:

    1. That'd probably be the first time they've seen snow and wouldn't know what to make of it.

    2. They are here to go to school (i.e. spend money on education) rather than recreation.

    3. They don't have friends that are interested in the skiing/snowboarding.

    4. Skiing/snowboarding is intimidating.

    Those are all that I could come up with right now. :)

  5. aww -- sounds like you had a memorable day. onigiri!! that brings back memories of my friend hiro in japan who used to live here and make them all the time -- they soon became a regular part of the capoeira diet when he was around.

    sunrises -- indeed a "tango" moment, as in "it takes two to..."

    thanks for the comment on my blog. considering that you're an awesome poet yourself i'm truly flattered. but come now, did you really weep? :-P just kidding. i'm not 100% sure i want to know.

  6. Cool trip. I guess Whistler's still got the "unpowder-like" conditions. Anyways, just wanted to thank you for linking my blog on your site. I think most of the traffic's actually generated from here. BTW, I posted a review of Kintaro, have you tried it yet?

  7. Wow, Bobby. It really sounds you have been getting into a lot of scrapes. =\!!!