Monday, January 10, 2005

Winnipeg is colder than Saskatoon

I did not think it was possible. But it felt way colder.


10. WestJet doesn't deserve to call itself a discount carrier anymore, huh? Not when you have leather seats and can watch satellite TV during the flight. That Payton Manning is amazing! What an arm!
9. Note to self: never forget the scarf.
8. My goodness... she has a Ph.D??? She's in her 30s???? She has a little daughter????? I am glad we never got to finish that conversation in the elevator.
7. You know it's cold when the trails in the park are actually ice and people get around on ice skates.
6. And THAT folks, is why I don't like to drink beer. Though wine can be ok. Ugh, what an awful aftertaste.
5. Dancing at a party. Dancing at a party with a girl. Finding out that the girl is much older. Finding out the girl is married. Finding out the girl has a little daughter. Feeling very awkward. No, this was not the Ph.D lady. But I did learn a lot in the ensuing conversation about important things.
4. Discussing Ben's plans to take over Manitoban real estate. I hope he leaves an acre for me.
3. I got a towel from Switzerland!
2. Getting a headache from the temperature, stomach problems from the water, and the urge to vomit. Why do we do this to ourselves?
1. I know jack about marketing. Anybody who has ever said that it's an easy thing to do has never truly done it. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

OK, I'm making the trip sound a lot weirder than it actually was. That's the shock effect, just for you! I am glad I went though, no regrets. Well, we could have executed on the simulation better, but bygones are bygones.


  1. so where did you guys end up placing??

  2. I have no idea. Only division winners truly know where they placed. Division winners went on to the final round: three divisions, three places. UBC was in our division and went on to win first overall. It's pretty safe to say that we were #2 in our division, but I wouldn't be able to say how we fared compared to all the other teams in all the other divisions.

    You guys go kick some UBC ass for me at Enterprize, please. Thanks. :)

  3. Whoa. What is with you and those older, married women, hm? >=D!

  4. Well, let's not make any assumptions without knowing what actually happened. ;) But I shall leave alone the air of mystery in this post, for I find it extremely disturbing and have a perverse desire to play on people's biases. :)