Monday, January 03, 2005

Comments About Saskatoon

10. You know it's cold when your snot freezes in your nose as soon as you step outside. I've never experienced that before....
9. I accidentally left my pants in Saskatoon... that sucks. Not the ones I was wearing on the plane, doofus.
8. The Tim Horton's Beef Bowl is really good....
7. Feather beds and feather pillows are amazingly comfortable. I wonder how often they have to stuff in more feathers.
6. Rice cakes can get fungus. Did you know that? I thought they lasted as long as hardtack.
5. Fellowship with the men is always great.
4. I deny all allegations. All pictures will be destroyed. Beware, I know where you live. And any publishing of said pictures will result in you receiving a fancy letter from my lawyer.
3. Settlers is an amazing game. It's quite easy to stay up for over 24 hours if you're playing it through the night.
2. I met a lovely lady who has inspired me to new heights in certain areas of my life. Whoever marries her will be a lucky man! It's not often you see such maturity at such a young age these days.
1. Andrew may be happy to note that PakG1 may finally have been given a dream. We'll live and see whether this is the path to take.

Blog is word of the year.

Please donate to relief efforts in Southeast Asia. They need your money more than you do. Kudos to Canada for upping the number to $80 million. More, please. According to CP, this is what Canadian citizens have donated so far.

Canadian Red Cross: More than $26 million
Oxfam Canada: $2.3 million
World Vision Canada: $6 million
UNICEF Canada: More than $3.5 million
CARE Canada: More than $1.5 million

Thank you. More please.


  1. when ru back in vancouver?
    and sounds like you had a blast of a time! :)

  2. I am in Vancouver. Leaving on Wednesday though for Winnepeg, then back again on Sunday.

  3. I am indeed happy that you may have been given a dream. I will continue praying though; and any details would be appreciated.

    As for your comments, I wholeheartedly agree with number 3. My wife and I own all three now (the basic and 2 expansions) and can have quite a lot of fun playing with just the two of us. Playing with more people just makes it better.

  4. What's the "Settlers" game?


  5. It's a game akin to Risk, except that you have to control the territory through constructing settlements, cities, and roads, rather than war. The crazy part is that there are specific resources in each territory, so the one that controls the resources can control the game. As well, the maps and the allocation of the resources are totally random each game due to the way the board is set up, so every game will be different in terms of what resources will be scarce, what strategy will be desirable, and so on. There are also development cards that give you special abilities to develop your territories.