Sunday, December 12, 2004

What's the point?

So I read all of one economics paper yesterday. One out of... what, 15? Really, what's the point of even trying? So now my exam is in 3.5 hours and I'm wondering what's the point of reading? Of course there's a point! There's always a point when you haven't read the darn thing ever before. I am so glad I don't have World of Warcraft or Ghost....

100 pages in 3 hours. This is doable.

This has been another frivolous post brought to you by the letter I, number 2, and PakG1.


  1. The course was BUEC 495. Basically, it dealt with an economic analysis of the law. We dealt with property rights, contract law, torts, sex and marriage law, criminal law, and antitrust law. An example of the type of analysis we might do is here:

    Though to be honest, that post is really just a joke post. :)

    Basically, we use economics to explain why the law is the way it is and predict what would happen if the law were changed.