Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Oracle Buys PeopleSoft for $10 Billion


Well, it was kind of expected after Craig Conway got fired. You just knew after that happened that the board of directors really actually did want the merger to go through. Still pretty amazing that it happened though, after the long fight and many lawsuits. We've essentially seen the consolidation of three major software corporations into one (recall that PeopleSoft acquired J.D. Edwards earlier during the battle with Oracle). The big question will be how Oracle and PeopleSoft deal with the poison pill that PeopleSoft set up. As well, will Larry Ellison try to keep the PeopleSoft team onboard? It'd be difficult to keep those promises that Ellison is making and support PeopleSoft's customers otherwise.

IBM sells their PC unit to Lenovo. Oracle buys PeopleSoft. Is the IT world changing or what?. :)

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