Monday, December 06, 2004

Just Two Guys

Andrew and Superman have started a joint-blog called Just Two Guys. This is because Andrew made a comment on the resurrection, with which Superman disagreed. Eventually, the discussion became large enough to warrant its own blog, and it now seems that there's another interesting website you can visit if you are interested in anything that deals with theology and Christian doctrine.

I'll start reading it after a good night's sleep, but I figured I'd link them first. I always did enjoy any conversation I had with Andrew, he tried to think things through carefully. Though I must admit, his statements on atonement through Christ were quite surprising and unexpected (to me, at least). I had always presumed that he ascribed to the same understanding of atonement through Christ as I did, mainly because I was ignorant that there was any other valid way of understanding it (there are a ton of invalid ways, of course, as with anything else); as Andrew notes, the other theories of atonement through Christ are not well-known. This should prove to be an enlightening dialogue.

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