Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Chronicles of Narnia

I loved the Chronicles of Narnia when I was kid. Hey, I still love them! They're some of my favourite books ever written! So I was really excited when I read in the newspaper during the summer of 2001 that they were going to make movies based on the books. Being filmed in New Zealand, possibly one of the only book series that can match up with Lord of the Rings and still be targeted at children... the production team has a lot to live up to, after the success of Lord of the Rings. :)

Well, here's a fan-based website for the movies.

Thanks to Estey for finding the website.

C.S. Lewish has to be one of my favourite authors ever. :D Though I still have to get through reading all of his theological works.... @@ School gets in the way of a lot of stuff, you know?

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  1. YES!!! SCORE!!! CS Lewis is the man, gotta love narnia :D - zan