Thursday, December 09, 2004

Attention whores

I was bored one day and searching through people's profiles on Friendster. Coming across one profile, I was utterly amazed. Firstly, it was a girl, but that's not what was amazing. What was amazing was that this girl claimed to be a professional hacker. As in IT security consultant. And she had the looks of a model. She could have easily passed as some sort of Asian pop idol, with Singaporean, Chinese, and Japanese blood in her; she lived in Indonesia. So I was staring at her profile in disbelief thinking to myself, "Nah! She can't be a hacker!" Don't get me wrong, I know some very nice (and good-looking) women in computing science. But... she just didn't look the Trinity type, let alone a realistic hacker. Too much of an Asian pop look. I've experienced a paradigm shift and it ain't nice. Girls like Miranda do exist. My head felt like it was going to explode.

Then I had to laugh at myself, because my reaction was so stereotypical. It reminds me of the attention whore video. Hehe, and then there's the special HCW version made by Frugle. Thanks to Brucey for finding them for me. You may now classify me as a chauvinist, I suppose?

Speaking of the Matrix, did you know that the Wachowski Brothers didn't write the Matrix? Thanks to Andrew for the link. I found some discussions on the topic.

If Stewart's accusations are true that Time Warner stopped the media from reporting on this lawsuit, I think we have another bit of evidence that indie news through blogs and forums has its potential. :)

... Still thinking she couldn't have been a hacker.... But whoever said that a hacker couldn't be pretty or dress like an Asian pop star? Maybe...

Nah! :)

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