Sunday, November 14, 2004


Paper started at 9:30 AM. Due at 4 PM. Handed in at 4:05 PM, barely getting the timestamp. I really gotta stop doing this. Thanks go to God.

Truth or Dare Jenga can be fun. But painful. Many apologies to Julie. And of all questions, why that one. I shall climb back into my cave and not come out. Courage would be nice.

MIMC model is being updated. Predictions are that a causal relationship will be found between product quality and demand, and that service quality will have almost no relationship.

Wishing I could have seen Steve sing Cause I Got High onstage.

Currently listening to:

Red Swing
Puffy AmiYumi
Translated by: Sony Music

The two of us, on a red swing together, feels like we're growing up as we swing
That mountain remains, the same as ever, it's just that you're not with me

Each morning shines, each day working for a living
I waited too long, for so long, waited too long
Let's turn back time, I want to be with you there again.

My childhood dream just can't continue
We laughed so hard, it's scary to forget

My voice, a word, a promise, my aching heart
Holding hands lightly and looking down at the little town

Each morning shines, I pretend to be busy
So many times, that room's been in my mind
I can still feel your hand, your favourite flower, your favourite white pup
The nights are filled with countless tears,
I want you back, now and forever
A girl called me cool today. I hate it when that happens.

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