Monday, November 29, 2004

Target: December 6

So I got a new ski bag on Saturday. Posted by Hello

It's the perfect size for my skis (175 cm bag for 170 skis) and can fit anything else I'd want to put in, like my poles! Posted by Hello

And I can sling it over my shoulder like a backpack! This is what I look like after a night of MIMC. Posted by Hello

So I used my Westside Sport and Ski coupon from the Warren Miller movie to purchase a brand new ski bag. This makes it so much easier to transport my stuff to and from the mountain. And while on the slopes, I can just roll up the bag and put it in my backpack. :D

Will be busing up to Whistler on Monday, December 6! Anyone wish to join me? This is my biggest motivation for getting through this final crazy week. :) Yes, I really should get around to writing that economic analysis on movie and video game child protection ratings....

Still need to get socks though. Those new gloves were darn expensive; I didn't want to waste the coupon on cheap socks! But the gloves are oh so comfy. :D Now for some oh so comfy socks.

And for those of you who are headed to Saskatoon, I have registered and will see you there!


  1. Your new "wife" would be your skis.
    Have fun with her during the honeymoon in whistler!
    Shouldnt you go after the finals though?
    Cant wait? :P

  2. icant wait to try out skiing after finals too! :)

  3. hey~ I'm soonmin... ^^

    I'm not used to blogger...
    But.. looks good ^^

    I'll stop by often and leave comments. ^^


  4. I wish I can go skiing! =(

    We're all about to write finals and you're going to Whistler to SKI? =(!!!

    Ah. Nonetheless, Have a good trip! ^^v!

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