Sunday, November 21, 2004

RIP amcal

amcal is no longer with us. Rest in peace. Here is a memoir, our last meaningful conversation.

Amcal ^o) lol says: thanks man.. well, you know how to contact me :0

PakG1 - Add oil says: by snail mail?

Amcal ^o) lol says: or cell phone

PakG1 - Add oil says: or telegram

Amcal ^o) lol says: or telepathy.. (oh wait.. wrong alternate reality.. I thought this was the one with the cool mutant powers)

PakG1 - Add oil says: what, u mean u can't?

Amcal ^o) lol says: not this one.. this is dimenson b12, B13 is the one where I have the mind powers.. C12 is the one where I'm just learning my psionics..

PakG1 - Add oil says: oic

PakG1 - Add oil says: wow, I haven't been able to connect with myself in alternate realities yet

PakG1 - Add oil says: we're not yet aware of each other

PakG1 - Add oil says: been trying during my dreams tho

Amcal ^o) lol says: oh.. neither was I.. it was T16 I think, who crossed the subconscious barrier treshold.. or something like that.. him and WX are thinking of giving me a field trip..

PakG1 - Add oil says: dang, I wish mine would do that

PakG1 - Add oil says: I'm going for the tridimensional lunar displacement method

Amcal ^o) lol says: but.. we'll see.. apparently W and T actually were aware of each since 6 years old or something...

hahah don't worry, I'll ask one of the two if they know your alternate... though, I think they're not in canada right now though.. ^o)

Amcal ^o) lol says: sweet.. lunar displacement?

PakG1 - Add oil says: ya, I figure if I'm able to displace the moon's orbit, I'll be able to create a rip in the fabric of space-time and go through it to one of the other dimensions

Amcal ^o) lol says: um.. dude.. I don't think you can displace the moon's orbit.. not in this one though... C talked about some idiot who tried blowing up the moon with his "laser"

PakG1 - Add oil says: but it would be only a temporary displacement, I'd hope that the tides on earth wouldn't be affected that much

Amcal ^o) lol says: hmm.. that depends though.. especially if you have to consider if the laws of physics and gravity are taken into account..

PakG1 - Add oil says: timing the nuclear launch with the movement of the next close-range comet should be sufficient

Amcal ^o) lol says: hmm interesting.. though, make sure you've compensated for any other possible space objects..

Amcal ^o) lol says: even a small meteor could knock things of whack

PakG1 - Add oil says: dang this stupid chaos theory. I hope there's no butterflies around when the time comes

Amcal ^o) lol says: oh shoot.. I forgot that.. imagine.. a butterfly's wings may cause a cyclone on the other side of the planet.. hmm.. why not use chaos theory in your favor?

PakG1 - Add oil says: as in calculate for all the nonlinear factors to decide the optimal conditions?

PakG1 - Add oil says: the compilation of data alone would not be finished within my lifetime for such calculations

PakG1 - Add oil says: although I suppose it's possible there are no comets coming by the moon in the near future either?

Amcal ^o) lol says: hmm true.. but.. perhaps, launching a small warhead into deep space may bring about a string of event to create a comet or similar body to pass by..

PakG1 - Add oil says: oic

PakG1 - Add oil says: calculate the conditions necessary to cause a comet to come close and then initiate the sequence of nonlinear events

Amcal ^o) lol says: exactly.. alright man.. this is it.. wish me luck

Amcal ^o) lol says: nite take it easy

I guess he didn't make it.... :(

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  1. u know, ur posts are so deep.. or complicated that sometimes i dun even quite get it.. hmmmm...