Sunday, November 07, 2004

North Carolina spammers guilty!

They're facing up to 15 years in prison. My vast distaste for spam shall not overtake my emotions in this post. However, I find this extremely annoying:
The trial opened Oct. 25. During the proceedings, prosecutors called the defendants modern-day snake-oil salesmen who used the Internet to hawk dubious mortgages, investments and other schemes, including a "FedEx refund processor" that supposedly allowed people to earn $75 an hour while working from home.

In one month alone, Jaynes received 10,000 credit-card orders for the processor, each for $39.95.
What is WRONG with people??? @@


  1. gulliable and naive people fall for this kinda things!

  2. yehhh, some ppl are just so "gullible & naive" hehe...
    that's why business occurs... if everyone is so smart, it'll be too efficient and non-exploitable.