Thursday, November 11, 2004

Destination: Paris

Have linked Hanson. The man appreciates logic. Therefore, I appreciate him. Dig? :)

Noteworthy news:

Our man Gabriel Lo will be working for Microsoft for one year in Denmark. You deserve it, man! Looking back, Gabe was part of our AIE team out of high school. We chose good people.

Elissa Tong has gotten a coop with EA. You go, girl! I can't remember if Ghost and I chose her to be part of AIE. If we didn't, we should have. This girl is amazing. Besides being active in WICS, she loves anime.

Looking back, it's funny how both Ghost and Glimpse have ended up in EA. AIE needs to be revived, and Ghost still wants to do it, though Glimpse would rather open up an anime shop. That sells Vietnamese subs. And has a net cafe. Where we can create Project Bravo for AIE. Yeah....

MIMC is looking good. We blasted all the other companies this past quarter in terms of profit numbers.

The registration issue to get into BUEC 485 has been resolved. It better be as good as Steve says. :)

A reunion of sorts tomorrow with all the business faculty grads that managed to graduate before me. Blue says that the dim sum is worth skipping out on writing my polisci paper.

A stack of thick books (let's see... to be specific, 7 thick books, 2 thin books, and half an inch of academic papers) lies on my desk waiting to be read so that I can write my paper due on Friday.
Analysis of the International Response to AIDS, Focusing on American Foreign Policy

AIDS has been recognized by much popular literature as an international epidemic. The vast majority of the epidemic is concentrated in developing and third world nations, although regions of the first world also experience their share of the problem. This paper will analyze the international response to AIDS and which of the three normative traditions (i.e. realism, rationalism, and revolutionism) create the foundation for this international response. In particular, this paper will analyze how and why the US integrates AIDS into its foreign policy, as well as briefly contrast American foreign policy with the foreign policies of other first world nations (in relation to AIDS).
Perhaps I should catch up with the class before I start writing. Rom shall see vintage Bobby in action at 4 am for the next night or so.

Yasser Arafat has died. It's difficult to see what will happen now. Will this be the catalyst necessary for the peace process to go forward? Will Hamas and other groups run rampant? Will Israel move in go wild? Astounding times we live in, my friend. And yet, I can only watch from the sidelines as people face the dangers of war in the middle east, Sudan, Chechnya, etc. It is consequently difficult to identify with my fellow humans in war-ravaged areas, though I wish to do so.

And Mauro, Andrew, and I have been accepted to compete in L'Oreal's e-strat. Can we make it all the way to the final round in Paris? Hehe, it's a long shot but one can dream.

Currently listening to Nami Tamaki's Destiny.

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  1. haha, 'preciate the linke... good luck in mimc! go kick some manitoba ass!