Saturday, November 06, 2004

A day in my life

Hot water feels so good in a shower, very relaxing. So it's very shocking when the water suddenly becomes freezing cold. Argh. Shut off water. Open up the flow again. But no water comes out! Unless the tap is turned to the cold position. So bear the freezing cold water. After all, it wakes you up. But I was already awake.

/hear knock on door
"Bobby, we're changing the hot water tank!"
"I noticed."
"Do you want us to turn the hot water back on?"
"No, it's ok, I'm done."

Cold showers are good for you. Really. They build character.


  1. We should all try cold showers then :)
    Probbaly builds more negative characters.

  2. ahaha ;) that's a good way of looking at it ;) - zan