Sunday, October 17, 2004

Tabbed browsing

The thing I appreciate the most about Firefox is the tabbed browsing. It's awesome. I love it. I never have a thousand windows on my taskbar anymore. Just a thousand tabs, and it makes for way more efficient web browsing. And I just found out the coolest thing by accident. If you press CTRL + Page Up, you move back one tab. If you press CTRL + Page Down, you move forward a tab. I think this is very cool. It's like... Tabbed Browsing evolves to... Efficient Tabbed Browsing! No, I don't like Digimon. Really, I don't. Honest. Bleh, nobody believes me.


And Ivan has the coolest pictures from his Tibet trip. Man, I need to go there and eat some sheep head now. Chee, why don't I just move to Shanghai like him and just kinda... live there. :)

2nd edit of this post tonight... I just realized that 9race has a frequently updated blog as well. I've only just met her, but might as well link her? She posts a lot of pictures too, enjoy.


  1. I just started using firefox myself. I got it because the new IE security update somehow prevents it from recognizing torrent files, so I couldn't download all the recent shows anymore (i.e. survivor, joan of arcadia, CSI, and smallville :) but now that I have it, i like it much more than IE.

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog through I read this entry, and had to comment due to my love for Firefox. My favorite thing about Firefox is how customizable it is. Here are a few of my favorite Extensions for tabbed browsing on Firefox. Undo Close Tab -I love this one because I'm always closing out of tabs and then right away remember something that I wanted to look at on that page.

    Here's another one of my favorites, Tabbrowser Preferences.

    Take care.