Monday, October 25, 2004

Rise of the Blog

Why do people like holding onto ticking timebombs? Well, first of all, it's a metaphor, people. No sane person would hold onto a real ticking timebomb. :p

It's time for an IT post. Feels like it's been a while. So here I am blogging, when I should be waking up in 3.5 hours (never mind I haven't slept the whole night) a day after going 36 hours without sleep. Spent the night working on an MIMC spreadsheet, went to the Fraser Institute's student seminar, went to church, and went to an MIMC meeting before ending the 36 hour marathon. Then had to tutor, went to church, had a nap, and back to MIMC. So now it's past 6 am and I've decided to put MIMC to rest for a bit. The Fraser Institute seminar was great, except I couldn't stay awake during the presentations, which was unfortunate. However, the discussions were great! Mind you, there was one guy in my discussion group who said, "I like listening to myself than to other people." Later on, "I'm only in grade 10." Yes, that explains everything. The world really revolves around yourself when you're younger. I mean, I applaud the guy for wanting to participate in a think tank's seminar and all, but he was obviously out of his league during discussion. When you're out of your league, don't think that the world revolves around you. You end up looking very stupid.

So there was a presentation on Canadian satisfaction with the media, presented by the head of the journalism department at UBC (boo, hiss). I'm sure it was extremely interesting. Note to self, never go to a seminar after a night of no sleep. But the discussion afterwards made me think about this article, which I had read some time before. Obviously, some people are are for various reasons wanting to report the news themselves, instead of get spoonfed by the news agencies. Are people in general actually getting fed up with the media enough to turn to indie news sources and analyses? Met a marketing exec of CTV at SMA's Marketers Night and he said he thought that blogs represented the medium of the future. Certainly there's a growing trend in people writing blogs, but is there a likewise equal trend in reading blogs? Or is the writing oversupplied, as my personal conjecture would state right now (not that there's anything wrong with that). But hey, whatever floats your boat. I mean, blogs are certainly applicable in more ways than one would immediately think.

I'm really tired, so I think I'll go grab a three hour nap. Dang. I didn't even get to making my IT post. I was going to talk about the maturity of the semiconductor industry and the sane insanity of this year's dotcom bubble. Bleh, next time.

But relevant stats for this blog?

This week, I got 90 hits and 190 page views. Also, people I don't know have started linking me (like this guy). That's kinda cool. Link titles like "Check out this crazy Asian" and "Blog of the Day." And I keep getting hits from Western Australia (always seem to be clicking over to me from 9race). So perhaps blogs do get read? Because I would certainly include my blog in the oversupply category. After all, it's not here for any specific purpose that contributes to society, it's just my little rant space. Sleep....


  1. Fun, looks like I shall include a hit stats as well :)

  2. how do you know how many hits and views do you get?

    anywayz,... yeh.. some of my frenz from WA are loyal blog readers.. hahaa.. we always check each other's blogs and do just keep going from blog to blog when we're bored! hahaha :P

  3. I use, it's the most versatile free hit counter service I've ever seen. You can track physical location of the surfer, what operating system the use, what browser they use, what time they checked your site, how long they stayed on your site, what url they came from, etc, etc. Lots of cool stuff all for free.

  4. Sweet, I shall make one of the hit counter now :)