Saturday, October 30, 2004

Reconnecting again and again

These blogs are useful. So I found out through Zana that Tim has a blog! I first met him at a CCC retreat in the spring semester of 2001. Some of the impressions I had of Tim that retreat, especially after he was part of my discussion group:
Leads by example

And Tim posted this article. Quite an interesting read. Here's an excerpt:
One friend who hopes to become a Catholic priest said, “Each night, I have to face the fact that not only do I not have a woman in bed with me now, but I will never, ever have a woman in bed with me.”
“But married people are lonely, too, aren’t they Jenny?” he asked me.
As people I meet seem to regularly be going through divorces or potential divorce proceedings (met two so far this year), this seems very true. As amcal will note, never settle. :) Short-term gain = long-term pain.

Live life to the fullest and don't shortchange yourself.

EDIT: I've also linked Soonmin. She was an exchange student at SFU from Korea, joined the Toronto Project of 2001, and is now a Ph.D candidate at MIT. Nuna, naega nuna reul mannasuhnigan, nomu kippuda. :)


  1. WOW!!! :D you know tim! :D CooL :D seriously man, everyone know's everyone :D craaziness :D do you ever still talk to winston? ^^

  2. He's only in my faculty... :p

  3. NO WAY!! Seriously! i thought he was in comp sci? Your Kidding! Winston Choo!

  4. woooah. that's wackY! how far are you guys from being done?