Monday, October 11, 2004

One small step for qubit, one giant leap for quantum computing

This is especially tricky because it requires the atoms to share quantum information, although the researchers believe it should be possible to achieve this by exciting one of the atoms so that it exchanges a photon with the other.
Why do I get a picture of photons mating? Couldn't they have used another word? How about inciting? Provoking? Anything else! Well, not stimulating. That's just as bad. That being said, this is a VERY cool development. We're that much closer to building real logic gates for quantum computing. As I still have nightmares about screwing up the T-flop question for the logic circuits final exam many years ago, I can strangely appreciate the value of logic gates. When quantum computing finally works, imagine the possibilities. Our computational power will have increased exponentially. Imagine all the diseases for which we'd be able to find cures. Imagine modeling the weather. Imagine a heck of a lot of things. The world would change somehow for the better. And worse. So what's the best example for applications that they can brainstorm? At least the only one they thought worth writing about...
One potentially important application for a quantum computer would be factoring the product of two large prime numbers. This would make it instantly possible to crack the cryptographic codes used to secure many computer communications.
Fun. Imagine the chaos and Big Brother.


  1. I have no mathematical and/or scientifical background, but this is a good read. I'm kind of amazed at how medicine can have the potential to be revolutionized with a simple calculation.

    Yeah. I've been extremely busy with school and volunteering. I do agree with you though. As small and insignificant as our blogs are, we always feel this obligation to write for our readers no matter how mundane the subject may be. =)

    Good luck with whatever you're doing!

  2. haha.. why are all ur blogs so thoughtful?! lolx :D

  3. You say tomato, I say tomato, 9race... This is no more thoughtful than anything else. :p