Monday, November 01, 2004

Get enough monkeys typing and you'll get Shakespeare

I have linked Jeff today. Jeff is a chemist of sorts. He's worked for really cool places, doing really cool research that will help to change and improve our future. The guy KNOWS his chem. And he sent me this really cool thing.

You ever heard the phrase, "Get enough monkeys typing on typewriters, and eventually, you'll have written the entire works of Shakespeare"? Well, here's a simulator to test out the conjecture. :D Given that this thing is a totally intractable problem (i.e. not solvable in polynomial time), I'm going to leave my computer on all night to see whether the thing will actually ever get past 19 letters. It's been at 19 for a while now for:
1. The First Part of King Henry the Fourth
2. A Midsummer Night's Dream
3. The Second Part of Henry the Sixth
4. The Life of King Henry the Fifth

And then we get a whole slew of things for which we have 18 letters. My only question is whether the simulator properly models the way a monkey would type at a typewriter, but in retrospect, this seems irrelevant, since the problem should be taken in the context of infinite monkeys or infinite time.


  1. ahoy hoy
    This is Tim...from Bible study
    found your site through the BBA portal...
    know what i learned from your site/blog/thing?
    That procrastination is fun.
    (oh hey yeah, i joined mssc too...small world hmm?)

  2. Eh? And you joined MSSC because... ?

    Mind you, I probably have even less of a good reason for joining MSSC... :)

  3. ever had satay?
    or...tok tok mee?(aka wonton and noodles)
    i don't know.
    my parents are from malaysia soo.....meh

  4. Hehe, hasn't everyone had satay? ;)