Wednesday, October 20, 2004

And the winner is Robert Park...

er. Robert Parker from I2I Communications!

Yesterday, I attended a Vancouver Board of Trade event where the Chairman of HSBC was giving his thoughts on the future of China. He focused on refuting dire predictions that were being circulated in the popular press. The two that really stick out for me are his points on the currency and Hong Kong.

He emphatically stated that China's economic infrastructure is not ready for a freely floating currency (right now it's pegged to the US dollar) and that changing to a freely floating currency right now could create unnecessary negative repercussions. He outlined a few requirements that need to be met before a freely floating currency can help with China's economic growth and emphasized that pegging the currency to the US dollar has actually been very good for China in current times and will continue to be for the interim future.

Also, he noted that many over the last decade have predicted the death of Hong Kong's significance, especially with the rise of Shanghai. He continues to believe that Hong Kong will play an important part in Asia's regional and global economic interactions.

Also, he discussed why HSBC decided to invest in certain banks in China right now. That was interesting, but I can't remember a thing he said. Heh.

And at the end, they had a door prize for two tickets to the opera (Madame Butterfly).

"And the winner is... Robert Parker!"

Gee... I got all excited for nothing. Well, I suppose, in retrospect, who would I have gone with? Only Yi-Jeng and Violet like the opera. At least, I've never heard of anyone else talking about it. And two tickets to the opera... that's just saying date. 2 tickets = date. And sorry, but I'm not interested in dating Yi-Jeng. See, at least Violet's female, and that's my personal orientation... but then again, not interested in women right now. So what would I have done? Given them to someone else? Bleh. Maybe ebay. Are there any girls out there interested in going to the opera with me? Yes, thought not. :)

Had a pinched nerve or something from soccer today. Field was all muddy so they canceled the game, but we decided to scrimmage anyway. I was keeper and ran out and dived at the ball, but the guy couldn't stop and slid into my shoulder (stupid mud). It was my left shoulder and yet it was my right arm that felt like it was on fire. Wow. I've never had that happen to me before, it was very shocking. Why would my arm feel like it was on fire? Been a while since my kinesiology class. But later on the poor guy tried to kick the ball (he was keeper at the time for his side) and somehow hurt a tendon or something in his quadricep. That sucks because he's officially actually on my team when we do real play. He literally heard a pop in his quadricep. That's not good. Here's hoping the poor guy's ok, for his sake, and for our team's sake. The guy couldn't even walk properly. Soccer's such a dangerous sport. Especially on mud. We should all take up skydiving instead. Much safer. How often do you try to kick a ball and then fall on your butt in skydiving? Exactly my point. Never. There were a lot of dirty butts today.


  1. Man, you have lots of pinched nerves huh? Like the one during the tennis game, and now soccer, lol :)

  2. Tennis wasn't a pinched nerve, that was a cramp. This is way different. You have to feel it to understand it. I still don't have full range of motion in my arm. I just hope that I don't damage it further playing volleyball tomorrow.

  3. i would've gone to the opera with you
    and i'm a GIRL!