Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Still breathing

And when you find it, you'll search no more.
I haven't posted since August! Chee... been really busy. LSAT's on Saturday. I will be very glad when that's over. I really should be studying for it more than I am though. A reminder from Ying:
... was and should have always been God's plan and not mine, his battle to fight and not mine, so that He gets the glory and not me. Such a simple truth and yet so easy to forget!
This semester is keeping me EXTREMELY busy. Got accepted into LOT and my mentor's from TELUS. Figures. Am I destined to end up somewhere in there or something? @@ Still, looking forward to to talking shop with her, TELUS is a great organization after all.
Let's see what clubs I joined this time, after vowing to not be in as many... in alphabetical order:
  • Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (I gotta cut down this one)
  • Campus Crusade for Christ (finally helping out with a Bible study)
  • FBA Writing Mentors (going for the record of longest-serving mentor, it seems)
  • Finance Club (Gotta defend my stock challenge title!)
  • Formosa Cultural Club (Um, I can hack my Taiwanese, ya... who am I kidding, it's worse than my Japanese)
  • Go Club (Boy, I get schooled easily when I play dan-level guys)
  • Japanese Students Club (where the only language allowed at meetings is Japanese! am I lucky that I can't make the meeting time or what?? @@ Baka...)
  • Leaders of Tomorrow (well, it's not really a club, but neither are a lot of these other things)
  • Malaysia Singapore Students Club (I still don't get why I joined this one)
  • Net Impact (Erm, this is supposed to be for MBAs only...)
  • Pre-Law Student Society
  • Ski and Snowboard (Finally bought a Whistler pass!)
  • Soccer Intramurals (My legs felt like lead after the first game...)
  • Student Marketing Association (They do really cool events after all)
  • Tennis (I can't serve anymore, it seems)
  • University Christian Ministries (AFJ is gone, it seems)
  • Volleyball Intramurals (My team won without me there... should I not play?)
  • Enter miscellaneous names that I forgot here...
I am such an idiot. And it's been a while since I've had to program in Java. ++idiot_status; (I swore the syntax put the ++ after the variable, but my textbook says no, and I haven't even tested out the real code yet, how lame is that, this is an extremely long run-on sentence).
Yeah, I should get back to posting meaningful posts some time after my LSAT is done.