Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Target: Atlantis

So this German scientist dude thinks that he may have found Atlantis! And he has some quite interesting historical facts to corroborate his hypothesis too.

Now the only thing left for me to do is get together an archaeological team and apply for a permit to create a dig site in the Donana National Park. After that, we'll be able to harvest some orichalcum and I'll have the new cool fuel cell! Forget that hydrogen stuff, this orichalcum will make EVERY other energy source obsolete! Then... WORLD DOMINATION!!! :D

On a side note, way to go, Dave Andreychuk for finally winning your cup! I would have preferred to have seen Calgary win, but Dave deserves it! And I can say that tonight I watched Khabibulin make the save of his life. How he got across that empty net to stop Leopold I shall never know. What a goalie. And what a third period! The first two, Calgary was very flat, they didn't deserve to win this game and they know it. But they turned it on in the third, and I must say that it was extremely entertaining! :D

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