Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Minority Government!

Oh, this is too funny. Look at the breakdown:
Liberals: 135 seats
Conservatives: 99 seats
Bloc Quebecois: 54 seats
NDP: 19 seats
Independent: 1 seat
Total: 308 seats

So the Liberals and the NDP put together get EXACTLY 50% of the vote, not enough for this government to actually make any decisions. The swing vote is owned by an independent, Mr. Chuck Cadman, a former Conservative that left the Conservative Party over issues in the merger process between the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives. I guess those guys are regretting having him out now. :D So now the question is, would Mr. Cadman, a right-wing guy, use his swing vote to help the Liberal-NDP alliance put through their bills? Or would the Liberal-NDP alliance need to go to the Bloc? A Quebec-sovereignist party holding the swing vote for Canadian government policy? All I can do is laugh at how ludicrous this is. It's like a bad drama. This government will last one year, max. Count on it.

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