Sunday, May 30, 2004

Fly high, sky high

So on Thursday night, I went to see Quidam Cirque du Soleil with a friend. It was amazing. Amazing. Amazing. The Chinese yoyo act was fantastic, but then again, so was every other act. My friend said that these yoyo performers were actually a lot better than many of the performers back in Asia. They flung these things at each other without looking, did backflips before catching, and more. One time, a performer flings the thing high into the air and another performer jumps onto someone's shoulders to catch it. I can't imagine what kind of precision is necessary for them to fling those things at each other without looking; they must have been throwing them about 100 feet high? I don't know I never was good at estimating distances. :) But the thing is, they all looked like midget guys, right? At the end of the performance when everyone comes out, they take their caps off and they were young GIRLS. They couldn't have been more than 11 years old! @@ How do they go to school, when they tour the world doing these performances? I guess they probably have some kind of travelling tutor, but man.

The aerials were crazy, I can't believe they did a lot of what they did without a net. Sometimes they had safety wires attached to their wastes, but a lot of the time, it didn't seem like they had anything. The funniest part was when a guy pulled people from the audience and tried to make a movie with them as the stars, without using any speech. The whole time, the director mimed everything they were supposed to do, and it was funny, especially when they tried to copy and screwed up.

The skipping ropes were amazing too. It's hard enough to be using both arms to make one skipping rope go clockwise, while the other skipping rope is going counter-clockwise. But then imagine three-way action of 6 ropes going, people jumping in and out of the ropes, and people staying inside the ropes skipping additional skipping ropes on their own. The whole show I just kept saying, "No way" over and over again. :D

One last example. There was this contortionist. She wasn't world-class or anything (though she was still good). But while in one act she was doing handstands, she put her mouth around something that looked like a microphone stand, microphone included. This way, her face was facing the audience, but she was still in the handstand position. Then she bent her legs so that her feet were pointing at the audience, making her legs and upper body parallel. Here's the kicker. Then she lifts up her hands and spreads them to her side (like a bird in flight) and she's there in this weird U-shape with only her mouth keeping her up. That is a strong jaw and neck...

So yeah, I got the CD. The live band was great too. It was amazing how they were able to keep the acts and the music totally in sync. If one of the performers ever screwed up, they got right back into sync with the music and it was like they had never screwed up in the first place. Hehe, I love this CD. :)

I really should write more reviews...

Here's a video clip of Quidam. :)

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