Thursday, May 20, 2004

Flaming all the way

So the Flames are in. Man, this is why I didn't want Vancouver to play the Flames in the first round, Rom, hate to say "I told you so!" ;) But that Vancouver-Calgary series I think was still the most memorable one out of all the series that the Flames played in the playoffs; the emotion was just so high. Here's hoping that Tampa Bay will get into the finals, that would be an awesome series to watch! Fast, hard-hitting, great goaltending, and great goal-scorers! But best of all, no trap! When was the last time that happened in the finals? :D

Reading through my international political science textbook, I really wish I had chosen political science as my major. Business is cool, but your critical thinking abilities don't really get developed there; you have to develop them yourself. As well, you get to deal with a lot more real-life world-relevant issues in political science. The amount of analysis that seems to be done in this course easily trumps the amount of analysis that one does in any business course (except for perhaps BUS 477, which I haven't taken yet). In business, you get what you put into it, and I don't see my peers putting much thought at all into their courses in the faculty. But in political science, what you get out of it seems forced onto you, and if you don't take the ball and run with it, you could fail. Gosh darn, maybe I do want to get into policy analysis... Yes, Vanessa Schneider at the Fraser Institute? What must I do to intern? Oh, really? Thanks.

Jeff updated the CompEvo website. Take a look, I think it's nice. :)

Apple Creates iPod Division. A good move on Apple's part, and I'm surprised that one didn't already exist. Quite frankly, the Mac is dead. It should focus on set-top boxes and the like because they've always been consumer-oriented, not business-oriented. And there will come a day when computers are no longer necessary for consumers (though they will still be necessary for businesses). The Tablet PC, smart refrigerators, and the like all show the future for consumers. Apple has always been able to stay one step ahead of the game and the iPod is the perfect foundation product on which they can build the next generation of consumer-oriented goods. I'd argue that it's a good thing that Apple sold more iPods than Macs last quarter. They'll never survive the computer industry. It's time for them to get back to their roots (which I'll argue they've already done with the creation of the iPod and iTunes) and create better futures for consumers through the use of technology. Certainly, we're reaching a point in time where the personal computer can't do that anymore.

I'll leave you with these quotes from these articles, which I read quite a while ago, because I wish to lament the lack of desire from society to pursue knowledge and innovation. Look at me, the pot calling the kettle black.

Gates goes to college:
The opportunities are there, and people do connect to them; people do want to make an impact. I dare Wall Street to come up with a demo for which they can say, "Hey, we will change your world and make it a better place, and you can help handicapped people." I dare a law firm or a bread company--these can be wonderful companies, don't get me wrong--to improve the world. Doing so today involves some mix of computer science applied to many domains and to biology.
- Bill Gates
Grr... The other article I wanted to post has "expired" apparently. It was about how the US was losing its leadership in the number and quality of scientific papers published in journals around the world, due to various national policies and the aggressive growth of other nations (particularly in Asia). It also quoted Craig Barrett of Intel as saying something like this (paraphrase):
Our K to 12 education system breeds lawyers and consultants, rather than scientists and innovators.
Canada's the same in that respect, I must say.

Don't get me wrong, you need business people who are able to identify opportunities, markets, and make things work in the industry. Hey, that's why I exist. But they'll be able to do jack without the engineer/scientist at their side.

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