Monday, March 29, 2004

Love is the Elixir and Poison of Life

Having done extensive study over the past four months on the composition of relationships, how they work, what makes them long-lasting, and why they get destroyed, I have to say that this recent article I found on iamnext is one of the better summaries I've ever seen: Five Reasons Why Couples Break Up. I considered it a fair read. However, the best study ever has to be the one we went through in our guys small group. Tom Nelson and Song of Solomon. Highly recommended for anyone that's serious about looking to commit to something long-term. He was very detailed into why long-lasting relationships are long-lasting and, on the flip side, why relationships fall apart. We went through a video study. But if you can't get the video study, get the book at least.

Not that it matters to me at all, since I'm now planning on being single for the rest of my life.... Famous last words, people say. But whatever the future holds, it's still quite interesting to study. Heh, if I could start all over again, I might even consider studying psychology for my degree, in the effort to become a counselor of some sort.

But while love may be the elixir of life, the snowy slopes of Whistler Blackcomb come pretty close. Went skiing yesterday with friends, thanks to an annual Telus event. Well, only Ian and I skied... everyone else snowboarded. But the slopes were fantastic. The snow was fresh and firm powder, while the scenery and views were amazing. But skiing through fog so thick that you can only see 10 feet in front of you is also very nice. I am seriously considering purchasing my own ski equipment this summer (when it's cheap!) and then getting a season's pass to Whistler for the next coming winter.

Following is a list of web comics that are also recommended. :) These are the ones that I have been regularly reading (or on and off).

MegaTokyo: The one that started my interest
Mac Hall: Ah, geeky college life
Tsunami Channel: So cute
Wish^3: Cool story
Apple Geeks: Started out as a Mac Hall clone, it seemed to me, but has developed its own style
Winter: A story of apocalyptic times
Ponju: Cute pig and girl, but updates have tailed off... :(
Alpha Shade: Has recently caught my eye, and the art is fantastic

Of course, there are many more, but I can't remember them for now. Suffice it to say that if I can't remember them off the bat like that, I must not read them as often. But they are still worth reading. Man, the quality in webcomics is so high these days. Wish I could draw....

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