Saturday, January 31, 2004

Of all the losers, you were the best

Markstrat rocked again. :D I love the SMA guys, they put on awesome and fun competitions, I wish the other clubs would do that. Well, Mauro and I were hoping to take the crown this time, but once again we fell short, this time by three points. Oh well, it was a hard-fought competition, and the first place guys deserved to win; funny thing is that we were better in the presentation component again. My presentation and speaking skills are finally back, that's a good thing no? They hit an all-time low during the Brand Wars competition. It didn't help that we totally failed to analyze the market properly, but I didn't help by choking during the presentation component. Goes to show that you can't be cocky in what you do; I think that was my problem, got too cocky. Learn to be humble, boy. There is still much for you to learn. Thus said the wise man.

I'm helping a friend to move tomorrow (today now?) morning now. She said I need to bring tools over to take apart her Ikea desk. @@ Is it really so big that we can't just fit it into the minivan? Ugh, we'll see. For sure, I don't think she'd be able to help me to lift it into the minivan, I guess; she's not the type to work out really? ;) Bleh, and I still gotta get that webpage done for the banquet. It will be done, oh fearless leader. Sorry to Blue for not being able to show up at SUCCESS.

So I finally ended up getting a Palm Zire 21. It was $149.99 everywhere, but Staples had it for $129.99. I got Future Shop to beat it, the sold it to me for $127. That's good. :) It'll do the job for me, I just need schedule organizer, address book, creating MS Word and Excel files, and reading .PDF documents. The Zire 21 can do all that (well, with some purchased software for the MS Office and .PDF documents). But the total cost of ownership is definitely lower than if I had gotten some PocketPC. I don't need a fancy colour screen, ability to play MP3 audio, or anything like that. So what's the point of getting it? :) This is way cheaper, even after I get the software and the portable keyboard. And I get a 20% discount for my first purchase at the Palm Store. Should serve me well to get that portable keyboard. ;) I really should have gotten this 4 months ago. :)

I still need to write that review on the Last Samurai, huh?

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