Wednesday, January 28, 2004

In the event of an earthquake, run to the basement

We got a tour of the IDC today (Information Data Centre, believe the "I" stood for Information?) and it was very nice. The one here in Vancouver is not as advanced as the ones in Calgary and Toronto, but it's still pretty safe. Resistant to earthquakes, fires, floods, etc. However, the one in Calgary is not going down, no matter what kind of disaster hits it; gotta have the customer's website up and running, you know. There was one case of a disaster hitting Toronto or Calgary (forget which), but the people in the data centre apparently had no idea anything was going on outside because it was so secure and safe inside. @@

Still, the Vancouver one still had its security measures. Fingerprint-scanning, electronic security cards, etc. The only thing that kept going through my mind as we walked through the place was Counterstrike Mod. Heh. The place is perfectly laid out for a Counterstrike match. We also got an overview on safety measures they have to ensure system integrity. For example, there are air conditioning and cooling systems all over the place to prevent the co-located servers from overheating. Also, there's a two-stage firefighting system; first stage is a lethal gas, second stage is water sprinklers. The lethal gas system should be replaced some day. If there's a fire and the gas starts coming out, you gotta HOOF it if you don't want to die. It's just that back in the day when the designed the system, this gas (forget what it's called) was the best option to use for primary defense against fires.

Celebrated a friend's birthday last night, so I treated him to movie and a dinner. Hadn't talked with him for ages (we knew each other since we were babies, pretty much, as our parents were friends). Last Samurai was a GOOD movie, definitely worth the money. Can't say that about many movies these days, since Famous Players keeps raising their prices. $27.xx for 2 tickets?? Chee... No matter what the reviews say, it'll be hard for me to justify seeing any movie at the theatre these days. With Last Samurai, I didn't feel like I was taking a gamble though, the premise of the plot was just too good. Troy is the only movie coming up that I think would also be worthy of being seen in theatres. You know the beginning of the trailer, where they show the one ship and then zoom out to show the 10,000? That one scene so makes me have high expectations for it. :)

I'll write a review on Last Samurai tomorrow, hopefully. Also, I finally posted some stuff in the poetry section. I want to write a poem soon, thought some really good stuff while riding the bus up the mountain to SFU. The trees gave much inspiration.

Also, I'm looking for a PDA finally. Can anyone recommend one? I'm hoping to max out at $250 Canadian, not including tax. Would be preferable for it to be able to edit MS Word and Excel files, plus be able to read .PDF files. I should have just gotten it back in September when I had the chance. Figures.

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