Sunday, January 25, 2004

Getting back to the basics

A reason for living
A new beginning
A teacup of meaning, yeah...
PakG1 is back. Or somewhere out there. And he is finding once again his original reason for living life; why did he ignore it in the first place? Did he forget what he has learned from dissecting this passage back in the summer of 2001?
ngoh(-) moon(,) dig(') teen(') fu(-)
yuun(-) nay(-) dig(') ming(-) sou(-) heen(-) yurn(,)
yuun(-) nay(-) dig(') teen(') gwok(-) loi(,) lum(,)
yuun(-) nay(-) dig(') jee(-) yee(-) fone(-) heng(,) joy(,) yan(,) gan(')
yu(,) tone(,) joy(,) teen(') surn(-)
kou(,) nay(-) gum(') teen(') surn(-) cup(') ngoh(-) moon(,) yat(,) yong(,) dig(') sig(,) lurn(,)
kou(,) nay(-) foon(') suue(-) ngoh(-) moon(,) dig(') jui(,) gwoh(-)
yu(,) tone(,) ngoh(-) moon(,) foon(') suue(-) bit(,) yan(,) yud(') yurn(-)
bud(') yiu(-) yurn(-) ngoh(-) moon(,) hum(,) yu(') hone(') ngok(-)
dan(-) gou(-) ngoh(-) moon(,) jik(,) jee(-) wing(-) yuun(-)
ah(-) maan(-)
The future awaits. Muster the troops, for he is ready to serve in battle. Just give him his sword back. The armour's important too, but the sword's the most important thing.

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